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* Welcome to Sohagi Public School.     |     * Admissions open for 2019-20.     |     * 100% Result in CBSE Board Exam 2019.


"There can be no measure weapon to fight darkness of ignorance other than education. Education wing the chief indifference of nation can safe guard the frontiers and boundaries, without shedding a drop of blood."

SOHAGI PUBLIC SCHOOL is an institution for the people of sohagi, chakghat, Teonthar, Sonaury and its surroundings who can feel events bride in associated themselves with this school for imparting quality education. This venture comes as in the brothers who were not getting scope in getting quality education at an affordable price.

Today when everybody is running after organisation and new possibilities, CBSE too as soon acceptance new methodologies and new researches in education by introducing CCE and open book tests.

The child centred education has been the main focus in our Pursuit towards Holistic education for students. If family believe that every child is and has the potential to achieve excellence, for excellence is not borne whether it is created with the Systematic and qualitative approach.

I can say that we don't need any academic education where as we need more value based education. A person who is morally educated will be more effect to move up in life or succeed then a morally bankrupt person, with excellent academic qualification.

I feel privileged to be the part of this Temple of education where emphasize is laid down in providing broad based education so that we can march ahead.

Warmest Regards.